Welcome To Dharma Bangsa School
     Sejarah/Our History/简史

     Didirikan pada tahun 2006 di bawah Yayasan Santoso dengan tujuan mendidik generasi masa depan yang memiliki kecakapan agama, sosial dan pengetahuan global.

Established in 2006 under the Santoso foundation which aims to educated future generation with philosophy of international education, social skills and religious aspects.

培育三语学校由印尼 Santoso 基金会于 2006 年创立,目的是为了培养有国际视野、社会综合能力、和具备公益美德的下一代。
Our Belief

We believe that all children are active learners and able to speak English at their very young ages.
Since They have the ready cognitive spread to welcome all the new things at early ages.
Our Teacher will prove that true!